7 Key Facts About Albino Dogs 

White or very pale coating, pinkish noses and paws, blue or reddish eyes due to lack of pigment.   


Photophobia and impaired eyesight common. Eyes are vulnerable without pigment protection.

 Vision Issues

Greater risk of sunburns and skin cancer without pigment. Need sun protection.  

Skin Problems  

Albino dogs often sterile. If not, carrying pups have health issues without genetic diversity. 

Breeding Difficult  

Albino litters are unusual. Both parents carry recessive gene producing little pigment.  

 Rare Occurrence   

Highest rates seen in breeds with recessive red/white coat genes like Boxers and Dobermans.   

Prevalent Breeds

Vision defects, skin cancer risks make average albino dog lifespan much lower.

Shorter Lifespan  

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