7 Intriguing Facts About the Skookum Cat

The Skookum cat originated in the 1990s in Louisiana by breeding Munchkins with several other breeds like the LaPerm & American Curl.


Skookum cats have a short, muscular body on short legs. Their coat can be longhaired or shorthaired with various colors and patterns. 


They have playful, affectionate personalities and high intelligence. Skookums bond strongly with their families.


Like Munchkins, they're prone to spinal issues like lordosis. Responsible breeders screen for joint problems. Overall quite healthy.


Longhaired Skookums require daily brushing to prevent mats. Trim nails often. Check ears regularly. Minimal shedding.


From a breeder, Skookum kittens often cost $1000+. Adoption fees for adult Skookum cats are lower


While gaining popularity, Skookum cats are not recognized as an official new breed by major cat registries yet.


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