7 Heartwarming Stories of Dogs Rescuing

A golden retriever jumped into a freezing river and dragged his owner to safety after a kayaking accident.

Woman from River

A poodle led paramedics to his unconscious owner by barking persistently and pulling at their clothes.

Gets Help for Owner 

A seeing eye dog navigated her blind owner down 40 flights of stairs during a highrise fire.

Escape Guide Dog

A chow mix detected his diabetic owner's blood sugar drops and would wake the man up to take glucose tablets.

Diabetic Alert Dog 

A Newfoundland rescued a drowning swimmer in the ocean, gripping her until lifeguards arrived.

Dog Saves Swimmer

A pit bull was trained to call 911 on a special dog phone when his owner had epileptic seizures.

Seizure Response Dog

A stray mutt led rescuers to a man who had fallen and broken his neck while hiking alone.

Rescued by Dog

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