7 Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the easiest and most important commands. Have a treat ready, say "sit," and move it above their head so they sit back


Ask your dog to sit first, then move the treat down towards the floor. As they follow it down, say "lie down" and give the treat when they are settled

Lie Down

Hold a treat in your fist and say "shake." Your dog will likely paw at your hand. Reward them when they touch their paw to your hand. 


Start with your dog lying down. Move the treat over their head so they roll onto their back, say "roll over" and give praise and treat.

Roll Over

Ask your dog to sit or lie down, say "stay", take a few steps back and reward if they remain. Increase distance over time.


Start with your dog close, say "come" excitedly, reward and praise as soon as they reach you. Practice in distracting environments. 


Start with your dog lying down. Say "bang" and pretend to shoot them. They may play dead on their own. If not, gently roll them onto their side and reward. Use a hand signal too.

Play Dead

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