7 Fascinating Things We Learned about Pet Dogs

Studies show dogs remain most calm and destressed when listening to soft reggae music according to heart rate monitors. Bob Marley fan pups!  

Music Taste

University tests prove the average dog grasps the meanings of at least 165 human words and phrases. Border collies top out understanding over 300!


Dogs catch human yawns subconsciously displaying a neuropsychological bond and innate ability to be infected by people's emotions involuntarily.  


When dogs lick human faces, studies using fMRI machines detect their brains release oxytocin - the nurturing hormone triggering feelings of caregiving affection!  

Licking Care

Research shows dogs remember and recognize by scent alone past owners lost years prior, not just current or recent people associated by smell.

Scent Memories 

Dogs' advanced olfactory abilities enable them to literally "smell" human emotional tears distinctly from plain saline drops proving sensitive attunement to our feelings.

Tear Expertise  

Given a choice between hoarding tasty treats only for themselves or letting someone else have it, dogs overwhelmingly prefer to share much like toddlers.

Generous Spirit

Why Dogs Make Superior Pets vs Cats