7 Fascinating Facts About Labrador Retriever Dogs

Shorter wavy-coated St. John’s Water Dogs native to Newfoundland region labs originally aided 19th century local fishermen before garnering global fame over latter decades.  

 Canadian Roots  

With strong work ethics and affable attitudes, Labrador Retrievers broke puppy raiser model molds in the 1960s - changing lives of multitudes blinded.

Visionary Guide Pioneers   

From Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, multiple modern United States Presidents welcomed iconic chocolate

White House Guests 

Commonly considered among dogdom’s brightest, Labrador Retrievers frequently showcase advanced intellect - mastering over 250 human-taught commands to accomplish specialized service tasks.

High IQs  

Chew, dig, chomp - Destructively teething Labrador Retriever puppies require ample mental stimulation and physical outlets during first couple growing years.   

Puppy Mayhem  

Infamous beggars and thieves, these food-motivated canines require strict diets and exercise to stay trim and prevent life-threatening obesity.

Voracious Appetites   

Topping American Kennel Club statistics since record-keeping began in 1991, versatile athletic Labrador Retrievers reign #1

Record Registration Numbers 

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