7 Facts About the Norwegian Forest Cat 

The Norwegian Forest cat originated as a landrace breed in Norway, valued for hunting and their water-resistant fur.


Sturdy, muscular bodies covered in a long, thick water-repellent double coat suited to cold weather. 


Intelligent, playful and energetic. Form deep bonds with their family. Adaptable and get along with other pets.  

Personality Traits

No inherent breed-specific conditions. Still vulnerable to heart disease, dental issues and joint conditions with age.

Health Considerations

Requires regular combing to manage their dense undercoat, especially during seasonal shedding period.


As a purebred with rising popularity, Norwegian Forest kittens typically cost $800 to $1200.


Large, long cat breed with extra toes. Males reach 16-22 lbs in healthy weight.

Imposing Stature

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