7 Facts About the Napoleon Cat Breed

The Napoleon cat breed originated in France in the 1990s. They are a hybrid of the Munchkin and Persian breeds. 


Napoleon cats have a cobby, muscular build with short legs like a Munchkin. They have long, flowing fur in many colors and patterns.


These cats have a delightful personality – sweet, affectionate, playful and laidback. They make wonderful companions.


 Their most common health issues relate to their short legs. Reputable breeders screen for joint problems. Overall they are fairly healthy.  

 Health Issues

 Brush their thick coats daily to prevent matting and give them litter boxes on each floor due to their short legs. They have minimal exercise needs.

 Care Tips 

As a relatively new and quite rare breed, Napoleon cats can be expensive, often $1000+ from a breeder. Adoption fees are lower.  


 While growing in popularity, Napoleon cats are not formally recognized as an official breed by major cat breed organizations yet.


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