7 Facts About the Dwelf Cat Breed

 The Dwelf cat originated in the early 2000s from crossing a Munchkin cat with an American Curl cat. This produced a cat with short legs and curled ears


Dwelf cats have a distinctive appearance with a long body, short legs, and curled back ears. Their coat can come in many colors and patterns.


These cats tend to be very loving, playful and sociable. They enjoy being around people and other pets.


Like the Munchkin breed, Dwelf cats can be prone to lordosis and joint problems due to their short legs. Reputable breeders screen for health issues.

Health Issues 

Dwelf cats have minimal grooming needs. Brush their coat weekly and trim their nails often. Give them lots of toys and climbing spaces to keep them active.  

Care Tips

Since Dwelf cats are a newer and quite rare breed, they can be expensive, often $1000 or more from a breeder. Adoption fees are lower


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Breed Recognition

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