7 Facts About Affectionate Ragdoll Cat 

Ragdoll cats came from a breeder in Riverside California in the 1960s who wanted gentle, large sized cats.  

Originated in California  

Weighing 15-25 pounds at maturity with a slower growth rate, the Ragdoll ranks among cat-dom's largest breeds.  

One of the Largest Cats 

Well suited for families with kids and other pets, loyal Ragdolls often learn to play fetch and walk on a leash.

 Dog-like Nature

 Ragdoll’s sweet personality makes them currently the third most popular cat breed registered in the US.   

Extreme Popularity  

 Though known for being colorpoint, traditional Ragdolls only come in seal, chocolate and flame point patterns.  

Pointed Cat Variety   

 Longhaired Birman and Balinese purebreds resemble Ragdolls but don't share the same genetics.

 Similar Looking Breeds 

Since bred to be docile companions, Ragdolls focus attention on their special humans.  

Smart and People Focused

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