7 Essential Facts About British Shorthair Chinchilla

 British Shorthairs share ancestry as hardy British mousers first registered by Harrison Weir starting in 1871.  

Historic Working Cat Roots

Dense, plush fur with slight wave gives British Shorthairs their "piled" chinchiilla coat.

Signature "Pile" Coat 

 Their notably full-cheeked face and large round copper eyes project irresistible cuteness.

 Rounded Head + Eyes 

 Unlike Persians, British Shorthairs boast moderately sturdy bodies without extreme type.  

Non-Extreme Conformation 

They thrive on bonding closely with their special people.

Ultimate Lap Cat Appeal  

 Highly adaptable to indoor environments and routines.  

Apartment Living Ideal  

British Shorthairs entertain themselves while owners are occupied.  

Calm Self-Contained Nature

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