7 Dogs with Long Ears

Hounds, known for their exceptional sense of smell, are among the breeds with enchantingly long ears. These loyal companions excel in tracking and make affectionate family pets.


Renowned for their gentle demeanor, these low-set hounds are perfect for families seeking a laid-back canine companion.


Cockers, a breed synonymous with elegance, boast long, feathered ears that add to their regal appearance. The charm of these stylish dogs, both as showstoppers and loving companions.


Beagles, known for their incredible energy and friendly nature, showcase adorable long ears that enhance their cuteness. 


Spaniels, with their expressive eyes and silky ears, are a treat for dog enthusiasts. Dive into the world of these versatile dogs, celebrated for their intelligence and adaptability.


Setters, distinguished by their long, drooping ears and athletic build, make for striking companions. The elegance and athleticism that define these remarkable dogs.


Dachshunds, with their elongated bodies and endearing long ears, are a delightful breed with a big personality. The unique traits and charm that make them stand out among canines.


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