7 Dog-Friendly Activities to Enjoy with Your Furry Friend

Let your leashed hound roam, play, swim & socialize with other pups at designated off-leash dog parks with seating areas for pet parents too.  

Local Dog Parks  

Embark on scenic wilderness treks or sandy seaside romps providing stimulating sights and smells for dogs with accessible dog-friendly options.  

Trail Adventures

Relax around the campfire together toasting s'mores after full days spent paddling, fishing and roaming woodland paths the outdoorsy dog's vacation dreams.

Cabin Camping Getaways 

Sign them up for supervised play group sessions full of safe roughhousing and toys for burning energy while you work then reunite after.  

Doggy Daycare Playgroups  

Engage their natural abilities learning new tricks in obedience courses or testing prowess in popular canine events like dock diving competitions held regionally.   

Classes & Sports  

Entertain indoors with treat-dispensing puzzle games, hidden squirrels, snufflemat sniffing and tug toys for both brain and physical exercise.

Puzzle Toys  

Get creative making homemade trails mix treats, paw print art canvas keepsakes or tie-dyed bandanas memorializing adventures shared.  


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