7 Common Dog Fears and Phobias

Dogs often fear thunderstorms due to loud noises. Create a safe space and use calming techniques during storms.


Similar to thunderstorms, fireworks can trigger anxiety. Gradual desensitization and providing a secure environment help.


Dogs may fear being alone. Training, gradual departures, and comforting items can ease separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety

The noise and movement of vacuum cleaners can be frightening. Introduce the vacuum gradually and reward calm behavior.

Vacuum Cleaners

Dogs may fear unfamiliar people. Socialization, positive associations, and gradual introductions can reduce fear.


The vet's office can cause anxiety. Familiarize your dog with the clinic environment and reward positive behavior.

Veterinary Visits

Various loud sounds, from sirens to construction, can trigger fear. Counter-conditioning and desensitization can help alleviate anxiety.

Loud Noises

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