7 Cat Breeds with Remarkably Beautiful Ears

Curly-coated cats with wide-set ears on flexible bases allowing them to swivel and tilt.  


Forward-folding ears rounded at tips resulting in an owl-like appearance. Affectionate. 

Scottish Fold  

Distinctive backward curled ears. Strong, sturdy bodies and sweet dispositions.  

American Curl

Enormous, upright ears on a big-eared but small cat breed. Quirky, lively personalities.   

Devon Rex 

Strikingly large, wide-based ears on long, sleek cat bodies. Extroverted and communicative.  

Oriental Shorthair   

Curled coat and oversized ears on an elegant yet muscular cat frame. Adventurous cats.

Cornish Rex

Soft, curly coats and big ears on sturdy, round-faced cat bodies. Patient and gentle temperaments.

Selkirk Rex  

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