7 Cat Breeds with Adorably Short Legs

One of the first and most popular short-legged breeds. Stocky & speedy with a playful spirit. 


Active, affectionate cats resulting from crossing Munchkins with other short-legged cats like LaPerms.


Bred from Munchkin and Persian breeds. Sweet personality and flowing medium-long fur.   


Hybrid of the Munchkin and American Curl breeds. Distinctive curled back ears.  


Tiny kitties with stubby legs and fluffy fur. Result of crossbreeding Munchkins and Selkirks

Lambkin Dwarf Cat 

Bred by mating Munchkins with Sphynx. Hairless bodies on diminutive legs.  

Genetta Dwarf Cat

Munchkin/American Curl mix resulting in a short-legged cat with curled ears. Playful and energetic.


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