7 Breeds Prone to Being Noise Nuisances  

As scenthounds bred to bay during hunts, vocalizing displeasure or boredom persists despite domestication.  


Tiny dog, big voice! Their oversized alertness to compensate for miniature size contributes to nonstop high-pitched yapping.  


Talkative sled pullers never fully shake chatterbox tendencies even as house pets. 

 Siberian Husky  

Bred for droopy faces not muzzles, Basset Hounds struggling to breathe results in booming howls.

 Basset Bound 

Terriers gonna terrier with bold barking at every passerby despite wee stature.  

Miniature Schnauzer  

Stubborn barkers belting out warnings far exceed acceptable levels without firm boundaries.  


Shrill separation anxiety of losing sight of owners triggers this Velcro breed into hysterical vocal meltdowns.   


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