7 Best Tiny Hypoallergenic Dogs for Allergy 

Wiry coats shed minimally. Funny monkeys of the dog world. 11 lbs or less fully grown.   


Short fine hair. Loyal companions though not very trainable. Weigh 20-25 lbs at most.  


Non-shedding rough coats. Comical small companions at 8-15 lbs adult weight.  

Brussels Griffon   

 Long fluffy low-dander hair. Sweet trainable disposition. Adults are 9-15 lbs typically.

Coton De Tulear   

Tiny short-haired sighthounds weighing 7-14 lbs. Shy initially but become very attached.

Italian Greyhound  

Tight curly coats shed little. One of the smartest and most trainable small dogs.  

Miniature Poodle   

Totally hairless or coated Xolos shed no fur and produce less dander. Lean athletes weighing 10-50 lbs.


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