7 Best Dog Breeds for Easy Obedience Training

Eager to work closely with their owners, Labs aim to please and are highly food motivation making obedience training easier.   

Labrador Retrievers  

Biddable and upbeat, Goldens love eager to learn new things and soak up positive attention during training.  

Golden Retrievers   

 Extremely intelligent, athletic and willing to work are key poodle qualities that allow them to master commands easily.  

Standard Poodles

Smart, energetic working dogs, collies thrive on the mental stimulation that comes from guiding sheep and obedience work.  

Border Collies  

Known for following directives, German shepherds are responsive followers of authority making them very trainable.   

 German Shepherds

Though small, papillons are mighty quick studies when it comes to learning tricks thanks to their smart, engaged nature.


Eager companions like Shelties form strong bonds and take readily to obedience cues.

Shetland Sheepdogs  

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