7 Best Cat Chew Toys for Chew-Happy Cats

Replace drapes and sofa destruction with recycled corrugated and honeycomb nibbling.  

Cardboard Scratchers

 occupying mental stimulation rewards cats working treats out of hiding.

Treat Shell Games   

Stick their teeth into kickable ultra durable cylinders instead of your ankles.  

 Chewy Cat Kick Sticks 

 Infused fabric fish, snails or snakes lure playful chompers away from waistbands and books.

Catnip Spray Toys  

 Offer kicking crocodiles, beaver logs and finger brushes for healthy gnawing.  

Dental Hygiene Chews  

 Batting and biting coil springs builds hunting skills not taking down curtains.

 Plastic Springs  

Pounce and paw swatting sensory pockets reduces direct digit nibbling.  

Tunnels and Cubes

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