7 Best Cat Breeds for Allergy-Friendly Companions

The Balinese cat, with its luxurious coat and low allergen levels, offers elegance and companionship for those prone to allergies.


Siberian cats, known for their calm nature and lower allergen production, provide a serene and allergy-friendly feline companion option.

Siberian Serenity

The Devon Rex, with its unique curly coat, is not only charming but also tends to produce fewer allergens, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Devon Rex 

Cornish Rex cats, with their soft and fine fur, are known for being less likely to trigger allergies, offering comfort to those with sensitivities.

Cornish Rex Comfort

While hairless, Sphynx cats can be surprisingly hypoallergenic, making them an alluring choice for those looking for unique and allergy-friendly feline companions.

Sphynx Serendipity

Oriental cats, with various breeds, are often considered allergy-friendly, providing a beautiful and diverse option for those with sensitivities.

Oriental Oasis

Javanese cats, known for their silky coats and lower allergen levels, bring joy and companionship to households without causing excessive allergic reactions.

Javanese Joy

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