7 Behavioral Signs Your Dog Is in Pain

Limping or stiffness, inability to jump on furniture, or favoring a leg are clear signs your dog's mobility is impacted by pain.


Dogs in pain may pace, seem restless, have trouble settling down, or change sleep patterns. They may switch resting spots frequently.


Dogs instinctively hide illness. If your dog withdraws to hide under tables or in closets, it may indicate pain or distress.


Refusing food or treats, especially favorites, could mean your dog is nauseous or sore from oral pain. Consult your vet if this persists.


Focused licking of a specific body part may signal injury or discomfort in that area. Check for tender spots.  

Excessive Licking

Frequent whining, whimpering, or howling is not typical behavior for most dogs and may suggest your dog is hurting.


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