7 Amazing Cat Facts Most Cat Owners Don't Know

Watch your cat's tail position closely - it conveys how they're feeling from fearful to irritated to happy!

Cat Tails Reveal Moods   

Cats sometimes purr more when sick or injured to comfort themselves through hormones release, not happiness.  

Soft Purrs Can Mean Pain   

Vocal meowing is reserved for communicating primarily with humans for food and attention.  

Adult Cats Don't Meow 

Watch for broken whiskers as they cue past traumas like fights or accidents even if no other signs.

Spot Whisker Damage  

Cats see very well in dark thanks to extra rod cells in retinas allowing light detection.  

 Excellent Night Hunters  

Removal of claw digits leaves nerve damage, arthritic changes and bite/litter issues.

Declawing Brings Pain/Stress  

A cat's sense of smell is 14 times better than humans thanks to nearly 200 million odor sensors!

 The Mighty Nose  

Reasons Why Your Cat Tends To Follow You Around